This tyre has been designed to reduce rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency. It also offers good traction and handling on wet roads.

  • Provides a smooth, comfortable ride.
  • Designed to improve wear resistance, providing a longer tyre life.

  • The M723 is an all season, all-position winter tyre for commercial vans and light trucks
  • The unique zigzag and lamellen siped pattern provides superior snow and wet performance and quiet operation
  • Its robust belt and bead construction ensure improved durability
  • The M723 also offers superb serviceability

RD-713P Specially designed for Nordic winter conditions, the RD-713 provides superior traction on snow and ice.

  • Aggressive tread pattern for traction in severe conditions.
  • Special tread compound for extra grip on ice, snow and wet.
  • Also suitable for steer-axle use.

Designed for drivers of new generation commercial vans and light trucks who expect higher overall performance in winter conditions.
Excellent traction in snow and wet, with smooth handling.
Ideal for changeable wintry conditions, this all-position tyre has outstanding traction in snow, mud and wet. It provides smooth and responsive handling, a quiet and comfortable ride, and long-lasting durability.

  • Superb grip in snow with its lamellen siped tread providing lots of “edge effect”
  • Very safe in the wet; “zig-zag” sipes in the tread block provide more gripping edges
  • Excellent dry handling: the W800 construction gives a smooth, responsive drive
  • Rugged durability with a robust bead and belt package

The R294 features outstanding resistance to irregular wear, resulting in long tread life.

The Duravis R630 is constructed for intensive commercial use, with jointless cap layer, sidewall guard protection against kerbing and a stone ejector groove design to prevent casing damage. The R630 provides economy and durability, combined with improved handling, safety and ride comfort.

  • Provides a smooth, comfortable ride.
  • Low noise.
  • High level of steering response.
  • Designed to improve wear resistance, providing a longer tyre life.

  • Designed for transporters for day-to-day deliveries around town
  • Durability, both in stop/start use and at sustained speeds
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Increased durability

Contact Information

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Τ.Κ. 122 42
Tel. 210-3477007, 210-3471738
FAX. 210-3414564



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