Hard Surface radial tire for skid steer loaders is an extension of Michelin’s BibSteel line and succeeds the Stabil’XZSL tire. Features include all-steel casing and belt package, and a tread designed for hard and smooth surfaces. It also has rim guard, sidewall impact, and puncture resistance.


With the MICHELIN XZR radial tire, you will get

  • Long tire life with excellent resistance to irregular wear
  • Fewer flats
  • High-carrying capacity
  • Excellent traction in a variety of conditions
  • Higher speed capabilities

The MICHELIN XZM will always retain the same LONG LIFE ADVANTAGE irrespective of the types of surface it operates on. Energy consumption is reduced due to the lower internal losses within the tyre. The tyre specifically for lift trucks up to 16 tonnes.

  • Radial Aromatic oil Retreading
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Productivity gains and improved safety
  • Comfort

Contact Information

Markoni 13 - Egaleo - Athens
Τ.Κ. 122 42
Tel. 210-3477007, 210-3471738
FAX. 210-3414564
e-mail: info@k-iliopoulos-elastika.gr



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