• Increased fuel efficiency reduces fuel bills, important when you use your car extensively for in-city driving.
  • Improved handling characteristics on wet and dry surface keep the control on the car intact, enhancing your confidence to high levels.
  • A quiet, noise free ride is a boon, you have to agree. Combined with increased ride comfort, the Firestone F590 tyres are bliss on the roads.

  • Genuine all-weather performance
  • Superb steering response and precision
  • Dynamic, sporty look

  • Pioneering design and racing performance.
  • Great handling on wet conditions.
  • Low noice levels.

  • Great performance for luxury cars.
  • Great handling on wet conditions.

  • High levels of safety and comfort.
  • Great handling on wet conditions.
  • Low noice levels.

  • Comfortable, smooth and super-quiet
  • Reliable braking performance
  • Subtle, elegant design


  • High levels of safety and comfort
  • Robust, reliable performance
  • Modern, stylish design


Contact Information

Markoni 13 - Egaleo - Athens
Τ.Κ. 122 42
Tel. 210-3477007, 210-3471738
FAX. 210-3414564
e-mail: info@k-iliopoulos-elastika.gr



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